System Overview

This area is intended for the use of IAI's active suppliers who have received a specific access permission to view data, pertinent the supplier, which is derived from IAI management and operational information systems. The site is compliant with the requirements of Commercial Confidentiality and is secured as required.
In this site (named later as "MY SITE") the supplier will be able to access and view specific information pertaining different ranges of bilateral relationship between the specific supplier and the divisions of IAI, as follows:
Status of Purchase Orders/Deliveries
Status of Invoices/Payments
Supplier Performance (for approved suppliers only):
    Quality Approvals
Delivery Quality Status
List of IAI Process and Material Specifications
List of IAI approved manufacturers and processors for special materials and special processes.

In order to use the proposed services, the supplier will have to identify himself. To receive access codes to the system, you have to read the "Terms of Use ".