How to become IAI supplier


Supplier:  Person, company or business entity that is supplying goods to IAI in accordance with a Purchase Order or Contract.
Goods:  Any product, item, process, consultation and service acquired from a Supplier.
IAI Suppliers Registrar: List of all suppliers found eligible to supply goods or services to IAI and its Divisions as required by IAI for its operation.
Registered Supplier: Supplier whose data has been incorporated in IAI Suppliers Registrar. The registration does not constitute a commitment on behalf of IAI or its units to issue Purchase Orders, sign contracts or acquire goods from the registered supplier.

Basic conditions for Supplier registration:
In order that IAI will consider registration of a suppliers in its Suppliers Registrar, the supplier should comply, at least, with the following conditions:
- The supplier will submit to IAI all data required to establish his business areas, locations, ownership, key personnel, etc.
- The supplier will provide IAI with accounting information to enable IAI to conduct its payments to the supplier as bank transfer to his bank account and preferably in electronic form.

The supplier will classify himself as follows:
- Manufacturer: Supplier who manufactures and supplies "Off the shelf items".
- Subcontractor: A supplier that manufactures goods or performs processes according to IAI's or its customer's design and specifications.
- Agent: A supplier who serves as a representative of a subcontractor or manufacturer and does not keep inventory in stock nor performs any value adding to the product.
- Franchised Distributor: A supplier that is approved by the original equipment manufacturer to keep its goods as inventory in stock and in certain cases also assembles goods or performs certain processing or assembly in accordance with the manufacturer's approval.
- Broker/Dealer: A supplier that manages stock and in certain cases is connected with manufacturers or other suppliers to supply IAI with general type of goods.

Suppliers whose goods are destined to be incorporated in products or systems delivered by IAI to its customers, shall be required to answer the "Supplier Introductory Questionnaire", and subsequently be surveyed by IAI (or its delegates) for compliance with IAI Quality Requirements (Quality Management System audit, specific product/technology or special process audit). In some cases the supplier may be required to be assessed by external to IAI functions, e.g. Virtual Business Assessment, NADCAP, etc.

In performance of his obligations, in general, the Supplier will be required to adhere to the "IAI Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions". When a specific contract between the supplier and IAI has been signed, the negotiated terms and conditions shall prevail.