AirTran Airways Awards Israel Aircraft Industries' Bedek Aviation Group B717 Component Maintenance Contract

Dec 15, 2002

AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AAI) has awarded an exclusive multi-year contract to Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)'s Bedek Aviation Group, to provide repair and overhaul services for components on AirTran Airways' growing fleet of Boeing 717 aircraft.

Steve Kolski, AirTran's Airways' Senior Vice President of Operations remarked, "The Bedek Aviation Group has been an excellent partner in maintaining our fleet of DC-9 aircraft. Their commitment to being a world-class provider of component maintenance both in terms of reliability and turnaround help insure the Boeing 717 will continue to keep maintenance inventory low, reliability high and costs under control. We view Bedek, along with other 717 maintenance providers, as partners rather than traditional vendors."

"We are pleased that AirTran Airways has selected Bedek Aviation Group as one of their major suppliers, guaranteeing that their fleet of Boeing 717 aircraft will be consistently in service, and their success will be our success," said David Arzi, IAI Vice President and General Manager of Bedek Aviation Group.

AirTran Airways is America's second-largest low-fare airline  employing 5400 professional crew members and serving 404 flights a day to 40 destinations. AirTran Airways is a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc., (NYSE: AAI) and the world's largest operator of the Boeing 717, the most modern, environmentally friendly aircraft in its class.

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