Israel Aircraft Industries presented a Comprehensive Knowledge Management Program

Nov 28, 2002

Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel ? Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) presented a comprehensive Knowledge Management program at the Fourteenth International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality, which took place in Jerusalem,
November 18-21, 2002.

Mr. Rony Dayan, who was recently appointed as Director of Knowledge at IAI Corporate, presented conference participants with the need, acknowledged by IAI, to adjust to the numerous changes evolving in the world of international business, which IAI is a part of, such as: changes in world economy, greater demands from customers and intensified competition.

Mr. Dayan pointed out Knowledge Management (KM) processes to be developed and implemented: Awareness to the importance of the knowledge element in the operational company processes, Processes for knowledge sharing between people and divisions, Implementing best practices, and fostering competence centers (capturing expert's knowledge). The lecture also discussed managing the projects? knowledge, building a knowledge base for business and technology intelligence, and cooperation between all factors in order to achieve business objectives.

"The purpose of Knowledge Management should be to foster innovation and the creation and sharing of knowledge, to further business goals. Therefore, we define KM as the process of identifying, capturing, leveraging and creating knowledge to deliver value to our customers. Efficient KM will lead to many business-related benefits, such as: improving product quality, lowering product cost and supplying innovative products and services", said Mr. Dayan.

The program is implemented under the Corporate Vice President for R&D and Strategic Planning, Mr. Uzzi Rozzen. Each IAI Division has nominated a part-time Knowledge Manager to initiate and coordinate the activities within the division.

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