Land Systems

IAI offers a wide range of precision weapons for ground, airborne and air-defense applications, defense suppression systems, autonomous and robotic systems, ground surveillance radars, intelligence systems, de-mining systems, to support the modern land warfare and para-military operations.

In use by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), every component of this powerful platform, including a specially manufactured crew cabin, engine, fuel & oil tanks, hydraulic and electrical systems, is sheathed in customer-defined ballistic armor.

Tamam manufactures a wide range of Land Navigation Inertial systems ( IMU, INS, INS/GPS)

IAI is offering a number of Surveillance Systems

MLM is driving artillery range and precision to the limits.

MLM has developed a family pf precise artillery products dealing with stationary, Time-Critical and moving targets


many years of experience in the integration of all sorts of air defense systems, MBT is the Israeli Air Force's Air Defense "systems house". MBT's prominent products include the Eagle Eye electro-optical Fire Control System and the Super Vulcan's FCS. MBT is also intimately involved in the leading Air Defense technologies, as a major contractor in the THEL (Tactical High Energy Laser) development.

IAI Missiles offers a wide range of Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) for various applications.

Harpy is a "Fire and Forget" autonomous weapon, launched from a ground vehicle behind the battle zone

The Ramta Division of IAI is a world leader in countermine devices that can be fitted to a variety of vehicles.