Military Aircraft and Helicopters Maintenance and Upgrade

IAI offers comprehensive maintenance and support services for combat aircraft and helicopters, including upgrading and life extension and conversion of older aircraft into advanced, modern platforms that can meet the operational challenges of 21st century air warfare.

Lahav has comprehensive, in-house military aircraft capabilities and performs aircraft overhaul, refurbishment, retrofit, maintenance, and repairs. 

Services for Special Mission Aircraft

This category comprises a wide range of conversions and modernizations 
Lahav is a world leader in military rotary and fixed wing aircraft and provides its customers with a single address for maintenance, overhaul, refurbishment, retrofit, upgrade and modernization programs. 
The Commercial Aircraft Group of IAI participates in a number of Civil Aircraft international programs
IAI offers a wide range of training solutions and systems
IAI Back-up it's product units with proper Operational Support Products and Services.
  • CAA and ISO 9001 Approved Service Station
  • Complete Engineering Back-up
  • Maintenance at All Levels
  • After-crash Refurbishment
  • Overhaul of Dynamic Components
  • Full Rotor Blade Repair Capability, including in-house Static and Dynamic Balancing and Anti-Erosion Protection
  • Technical and Logistic Support at Customers Location
The Tactical Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (TMACA) system is a proven solution to prevent collisions during helicopter tactical mission and formation flights. Helicopters equipped with TMACA are netted to each other in a ?system envelope? arrangement. The system can be used for both military and civilian helicopter fleets.

ELTA offers the following Defense, Self Protection and Communications products and systems:

EL/M-2160 MAWS Missile Approach Warning System
EL/M-2160F - Flight Guard
EL/L-8212/22 - Jamming Pod
EL/L-8247/8 RWJS - Integral Compact Self-Protection Electronic Warfare Suites
EL/L-8260/2 - Integrated EW Self Protection Suite - INEW SPS
ARC-840 Airborne Protected Communication System

The IAI/LAHAV Mission Planning and Debriefing System - MPDS is designed for fast and easy mission planning and debriefing

The demand for advanced telemetry led MLM to invest heavily in telemetry R&D as a strategic aim. MLM has designed, developed and deployed several high performance, cost-effective and sophisticated telemetry and communication systems.

Tamam is a leading system house for more than three decades in the field of design, development and production of stabilized Electro-Optical (EO) payloads for airborne (UAVs, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters), maritime and land applications.
Hundreds of Tamam's payloads are in operational use all over the world by different satisfied customers.

Tamam manufactures a wide range of Inertial systems ( IMU, INS, INS/GPS)

MapOne - toolkit for GIS application developers. This toolkit can be used very effectively whenever a "tailor-made" product is required or whenever it is necessary to incorporate GIS capabilities into other applications.