Product Lines

IAI's provides solutions designed for  Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Homeland Security (HLS), Self-Protection and Self-Defense, and Fire Control applications. 

IAI has a variety of unique technological excellence centers, as well as exclusive facilities and national infrastructures.









Tamam is a leading system house for more than three decades in the field of design, development and production of stabilized Electro-Optical (EO) payloads for airborne (UAVs, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters), maritime and land applications.
Hundreds of Tamam's payloads are in operational use all over the world by different satisfied customers.

IAI offers a wide selection of Surveiliance and Interpretation systems and components.

IAI has put together a new approach to management systems, the sum total of over thirty years of significant knowledge and experience in designing and executing national and theater Information C3I systems

ELTA is IAI's excellence center for Radar development

Elta develops and produces a wide variety of military and
para-military defense and self protection systems and sensors for military and civil requirements.

These systems are applicable for:

  • Airborne platforms – Fixed wing or Rotary wing
  • Ground systems – mobile or fixed
  • Shipborne and/or coastal.

Elta Defence and Self Protection system have accumulated along many years of world wide operation vast experience, both operational and technical.


The demand for advanced telemetry led MLM to invest heavily in telemetry R&D as a strategic aim. MLM has designed, developed and deployed several high performance, cost-effective and sophisticated telemetry and communication systems.

As part of ELTA, one of Israel's leading defense electronics and avionics systems contractors, ELTA's ATE group capitalizes on its company's expertise to develop advanced ATE to support such systems. This has helped ELTA develop and produce a variety of superior ATE with proven capabilities for systems support.

For the last twenty five years, the Signal Processors Group of the ISD has been developing, integrating and supplying five generations of high performance parallel signal processors and other related modules to high-end military systems. The group now delivers parallel machines employing 16 Analog Devices Inc. SHARC DSP chips on each module working in parallel under a real-time, parallel, distributed operating system. This operating system supports configurations of many such modules operating together.