Bedek Aviation Group

Bedek is the senior group of Israel Aerospace Industries, a multinational company serving customers around the globe.

Bedek provides under one roof the best-value, comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft, engines and components, including heavy maintenance, modifications, upgrades, conversions and development programs, all at minimum down time

Our main Buisness lines:

  • Full Service Provider (FSP) for Maintenance of Aircraft, Engines & Components
  • Cargo Conversion Programs
  • Military Programs including Conversion & Upgrade of Special Missions Aircraft

Bedek allows its customers to utilize their assets reliably and concentrate on what they do best: providing service to passengers.                                        

Bedek is certified by the FAA, EASA, and many other major civil aviation authorities.

Our extensive, modern facilities provide the full spectrum of maintenance and overhaul services, handling both wide- and narrow-body aircraft, 160 of them annually, including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Airbus, and others.

We handle more than 550 engines every year, including Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, CFMI, and others, from disassembly  to test bench.

In a complex of modern shops our experienced teams maintain and service 40,000 components a year.

Hydraulic and fuel components... gearboxes... landing gears... and avionics equipment. And we have developed a specialized expertise in auxiliary power units.

Our world-leadership position in passenger to cargo conversions of the B747, B767, B737and other aircraft is based on our ability to provide customers with the full spectrum of services. Bedek, the leading worldwide cargo conversion house with over 35 years of experience - the growing list of our satisfied customers around the world testify to our commitment to excellence, we also a leader in converted B767 MMTT (Multi-Mission Tanker Transport).

BEDEK converted aircraft have already over 2,000,000 flying hours accumulated

BEDEK is a lead

Air Refuling Capabilities:

  • 35 years of experience in Air-to-Air Refueling solutions
  • Systems development - PODS, HDU's, FBW Boom, Advanced Operator Station and Electro-Optical Viewing System
  • Integration on B707, C-130, IL-78 aircraft and B767MMTT
  • Tens of conversions to AAR for more than 12 customers worldwide including the Israel Air Force
  • Conversion of more than 200 combat aircraft and helicopters as receivers

Bedek Aviation Group is active through four main operating divisions:  

  • The Aircraft and Programs Divisions handle conversions, modification, upgrading and total-maintenance packages for all types of commercial and military aircraft.
  • The Engines division is a total service facility for maintenance, repair overhaul, conversion and testing of commercial and military engines and accessories.
  • The Components division is active maintenance, overhaul, modification, repair and testing of commercial and military components