Israel Aircraft Industries? MLM Division Demonstrated On Line Area Reconnaissance System (OLARS) For The First Time in South America

Nov 14, 2000

Israel Aircraft Industries? MLM Division Demonstrated On Line Area Reconnaissance System (OLARS) For The First Time in South America

Ben Gurion International Airport - Israel Aircraft Industries/MLM Division (IAI/MLM) has successfully demonstrates its new On Line Area Reconnaissance System (OLARS) for the first time in South America.
The system was demonstrated to representatives of all military branches (Army, Air Force, Navy, and National Guard) as well as the police in a
South American country.

The test flights were performed over a variety of areas, over mountains, along the coast and over urban areas. The demonstration included 5 flights totaling 18 hours and covered about 1000 The OLARS was installed on a light aircraft (Piper Navjo) and a domestic Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval was granted in a short time.

The representatives of the army and the police assumed an active role in the flights and in the interpretation process. The demonstration was completed successfully, especially in view of the customer unique demands.

OLARS is an airborne, day/night survey, surveillance and reconnaissance system, capable of smooth, automatic monitoring and surveying of extended areas. The system performs continuous track of fixed or moving ground objects.

OLARS includes dual visible and IR Electro-Optic sensor, airborne storage and monitoring unit (airborne unit) and ground interpretation station (ground unit). It is possible to installed and operate the interpretation station on a light aircraft.

Unlike the familiar, time consuming film based system solution for aerial image interpretation and analysis, OLARS is fully digital and allows for immediate access to the digitally stored surveyed imagery. Report issue on hard copy printouts is immediately available.

OLARS enhances military, police, and emergency agencies with a state-of-the-art reconnaissance visual intelligence (VISINT) capability. OLARS obtains in almost real-time exact positioning and precise coordinate designation of suspected targets on a map.

By enhancing changes in acquired images of the same area, OLARS is the right solution for fighting drug traffic and or guerilla units in remote, inaccessible environment. The system will give emergency forces a comprehensive view of the situation in the area (flooding, volcano outburst, etc.), and the ability to direct the proper forces to the emergency area almost at real time.

Mr. Yair Ramati, General Manager of MLM Division, expects the OLARS to have a significant market in South America, ?the OLARS gives the immediate answer for a wide range of problems for military and/or civilian applications?, said Mr. Ramati.

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