About us

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. ("IAI") is totally committed to serving all its customers, including past, present and future customers. A key feature of this service is customer support.

The Corporate Customer Service Directorate leads the effort to respond to IAI's customer's changing needs. This directorate is based at IAI headquarters and reports directly to the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. The Corporate Customer Service Directorate supports each of IAI's Divisions in their relations with their customers.

Each IAI operating Division is the primary customer support contact for all products and services provided by the company. The Corporate Customer Support Directorate is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and auditing how to serve the customer through the following tasks:

  • Monitoring customer service levels to identify areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Ensuring that IAI's high standard of excellence in customer support is maintained across all divisions
  • Analyzing customer support activities across the company
  • Coordinating customer support surveys
  • Acting as an additional point of contact and, if needed, as an ombudsman, for the company?s customers.