Unmanned Air Systems

With an unsurpassed track record of over 1,100,000 operational flight hours for over 49 users on five continents, IAI-MALAT is a global leader in comprehensive UAV-based solutions - offering the widest range of combat-proven systems


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The Heron is a family of strategic MALE UAS's. Designed as  Multi-payload, Multi-mission platforms to answer  requirements of local and international customers, the Heron family presents a versatile robust, “all weather “ .

Heron at Paris 2008

The Panther  Family combines the flight capabilities of an airplane with helicopter-like hovering, a tilt-rotor propeller, and a fixed wing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system,

Bird Eye 400 and 650 form an advanced, affordable family of mini UAS providing real-time day/night imagery data for urban operation and "over-the-hill" intelligence.

The ETOP - is a pure electrical power airborne tethered platform for observation and other applications

The MOSQUITO is a Micro UAV System, providing real-time imagery data in restricted urban areas. The MOSQUITO carries a miniature video camera covering an area of 1 by 1 Km and performed several flights with up to 60 minutes endurance each.

Advanced UAS that provide day & night real-time imagery data , in operational use with the IDF and other foreign customers.

Multi-role fully redundant UAS. Enables special missions based on customer furnished payloads.

Older UAV Models in service.

Tamam is a leading system house for more than three decades in the field of design, development and production of stabilized Electro-Optical (EO) payloads for airborne (UAVs, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters), maritime and land applications.
Hundreds of Tamam's payloads are in operational use all over the world by different satisfied customers.
Tamam manufactures a wide range of Inertial systems ( IMU, INS, INS/GPS)

MALAT's Ground Control systems are an integral component of the Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS).

ELTA products include several airborne and ground data terminals for UAV communications:
EL/K-1850 IDL Network - Integrated Data Link Network
EL/K-1861 GDT - Ground Data Terminal
EL/K-1862 CDT - Compact Data Terminal
EL/K-1865 ADT - Air Data Terminal
EL/K-1871 DGDT - Downsized Ground Data Terminal