Description Since the tragedy of 9/11, security in the United States has taken on a new dimension. The demand for effective solutions to ensure the safety of the public and protect civilian and government installations has accelerated, bringing with it the demand and the opportunity for innovations in perimeter security.

Guardium's perimeter security system addresses the critical period between the initial warning of perimeter intrusion and response. Operating in the perimeter fence area, Guardium deploys its unmanned ground security vehicle (UGV) to continuously patrol, survey, and report on the status of the perimeter area and react immediately to isolate, contain, communicate with, and control intruders until backup support arrives. Each high-speed UGV can be equipped with sensors to navigate varied terrain, cameras that relay field data, voice communication capabilities, and other operational means.

The brain of the Guardium system is the C4I (command, control, communication, computer, and intelligence) center, which monitors and controls UGV activity and continuously processes data. As appropriate, the C4I commander can override automatic vehicle operation and assume direct control. This security solution significantly improves incident response times, minimizes the manpower required for continuous monitoring, and reduces security personnel exposure to physical danger.

Applications The Guardium system is a first responder for perimeter intrusion that is appropriate for a broad range of civilian and military applications including:

  • Transportation facilities: airports, ports
  • Key government installations and assets
  • Military bases and installations
  • Land borders
  • Nuclear and electric power plants
  • Oil and gas refineries and storage areas
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Railroad lines/tracks
  • Sensitive industrial areas
  • Private property - farms and ranches
  • Wildlife reserves and safaris
  • Prisons and detention centers

Further developments will include mines and roadside bomb detection, and the use of customized scenarios for simulation training.

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