ELM-2106 ATAR Medium Range Tactical Air Defense Radar

The ELM-2106 ATAR (Advanced Tactical Acquisition Radar) is ELTA's fourth generation 3D Tactical Air Defense RADARS. It Reflects ELTA's 35 years of experience in tactical military radars.

The ELM-2106 ATAR System is a 3D solid state L-band medium range tactical radar with Active Electronically Steering Array (AESA) in elevation. The radar detects a wide variety of low RCS target such as: low velocity ultra-lights and UAVs.

The radar provides accurate target measurements of range, azimuth and elevation angles differentiating between aircraft and helicopters and classifying the helicopter type according to blade returns.

The ELM-2106 ATAR can be deployed as a local Air Defense system providing warning and target designation to Surface-to-AIR weapon systems including MANPADS. The system can also be deployed as gap filters for supporting C3I centers for AIR Traffic Control (ATC)

THE ELM-2106 ATAR has been field proven, operating in noisy and high-clutter environments.