Israel Aerospace Industries is offering its 'Skimmer' Naval Helicopter Package

Jan 30, 2013

IAI's RAM MK3 Light Armored Vehicle with NIMROD SR Anti-Tank missile launcher mounted

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is exploring cooperation opportunities with leading naval helicopter manufacturers and users, for supplying its 'Skimmer'- integrated naval helicopter package.

Designed to provide optimal solutions for naval helicopter future mission requirements, IAI's Skimmer package integrates advanced mission systems, sensors and avionics: Radar, Electronic Warfare Support Measures (ESM), Electro Optic Payloads, Datalink, Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Sonar, Sonics, Mission Management and Monitoring Systems, Anti Ship Missiles (ASM) as well as other Weapons. The package can be tailored to meet specific mission requirements for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW), Coastguard Protection, Special Operations, Amphibious Assault, and more.

IAI draws on its wide range of proven systems, broad helicopter engineering and system's integrator experience, to successfully install and integrate the new systems being offered, on a wide range of platforms, including new or used helicopters. Helicopter pilots with specific experience performing Naval Helicopter missions were involved in the design and integration processes to ensure that the overall packages are fully customized to actual operational missions.

The cost-effective, optimized Skimmer Naval Helicopter Packages have the flexibility and growth potential to be adapted to the continually changing operational requirements.


For further information, please contact:
Doron Suslik
Deputy Corporate VP for Communications
Israel Aerospace Industries
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