$932 Million - Total Amount of Israel Aerospace's (IAI) Contracts with Italy

Jul 19, 2012

Joseph Weiss, IAI's President & CEO: "A strategic milestone in the relationship with Italy and the European Industry"

Mr. Joseph Weiss, IAI's President & CEO


Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) President & CEO Joseph Weiss was one of the signatories this morning, of two contracts totaling $932 million.

As part of the Israel Ministry of Defense's agreement with the government of Italy, IAI will manufacture and supply to the Italian Air Force two G-550 Conformal Airborne Early Warning & Control Systems (CAEW), Ground Support Systems and logistical support package totaling $750 million.

Under an additional agreement with 'Telespazio' IAI will develop, manufacture and supply an observation satellite to the Italian company, worth $182 million.

Joseph Weiss, IAI's President & CEO, said: "Italy is an important European country and we are proud of strengthening our relationship with it. The Airborne Early Warning aircraft and the observation satellite are two of IAI's strategic products. Beyond the financial and occupational aspects, this deal represents a significant collaboration with the European industry".

Mr. Weiss thanked all parties involved in the execution of the deal, and especially to Mr. Udi Shani, Director General of Israel Ministry of Defense, who personally led the process.

Background Information

IAI's MBT Space Division is a subcontractor to Telespazio Italy for the supply of an advanced electro optical observation satellite for the use by the Italian Government.
Telespazio will be responsible for the overall system including the ground control station.  The launch is also under Italian responsibility. MBT space division will assist Telespazio to fulfill its system/ground station responsibility.
The satellite will be capable to produce 50 cm resolution panchromatic images from a 600 km orbit.
The satellite's low weight – less than 400 kg – allows various launch options, as well as high maneuverability and coverage of widely spread areas of interest.
Supply of the satellite is planned for mid 2015.

ELTA entered the Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) market more than twenty-five years ago and has been very successful in developing AEW&C systems using Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, on a number of platforms which have are operational in South America, Asia and Israel.
The CAEW System developed and manufactured by ELTA, with the Gulfstream G-550 business jet as its platform has been operational in the Israeli Air Force since 2008. The CAEW is a landmark design for special mission aircraft providing a sleek aerodynamic configuration which maximizes aircraft performance and high-power sensors reduced dramatically in size through the use of special manufacturing and packaging techniques.
 The G-550 CAEW is a unique AEW&C solution providing dual band radar installed in conformal antenna arrays on the sides of the aircraft, which have a reduced effect on aircraft performance.
The CAEW provides aerial and maritime situation awareness by performing 3600 surveillance of airborne targets at all altitudes, over any terrain and in any weather conditions, including Maritime surveillance and electronic surveillance.
The Command and Control System of the CAEW consists of six multi-function Operator Work Stations allowing the CAEW to operate as an independent Command and Control center or in conjunction with other Command and Control centers.
The Gulfstream G-550 business jet is an award winning high performance jet which allows the CAEW to operate at altitudes up to 41,000 feet, a maximum range of 7,000 km, and flight endurance of over about 10 hours.
The Mission Sensor Suite manufactured by ELTA includes:
• Solid state dual-band Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), four dimensional Radar and IFF system that performs 3600 detection, identification and tracking of airborne and surface targets.
• The NATO compliant Communications Suite, to be produced jointly by ELTA and SELEX-Elsag of Italy.
• Electronic Surveillance Measures system (ESM) covers 3600 continuously, detects emitters in a wide range of frequencies and measures accurately the electronic parameters of each emitter, to identify the emitter and the platform that carries it.
• Self Protection System (SPS) with 3600 coverage and includes active and passive sensors that detect threats approaching the CAEW aircraft, and a countermeasures dispensing system to launch chaff and flares against incoming missiles.
• The Mission Computer System (MCS) creates and displays an Air and Maritime Situation Picture by integrating data from the various sensors as well as from tactical data links.
The Ground Support Systems include:
• Satellite communication ground station
• Mission Support System (MSS) for pre-mission planning & post-mission analysis.
• Operator Training System (OTS) provides a realistic mission environment for the training of mission crews.

In the pictures:
1. Mr. Joseph Weiss, IAI's President & CEO
2. G550 CAEW

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