Israel Aerospace Industries Reveals a Fast Patrol Boat for Home Land Security Missions

Nov 11, 2012

"Mini Dvora" will be presented for the first time at the Israel Export Institute's HLS Conference this week in Tel Aviv

The Mini Dvora mock-up

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is presenting its Mini Dvora, a multi mission fast patrol boat for Home Land Security (HLS) and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) security missions for the first time at the 2nd International HLS conference, which will be held this week at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center near Tel Aviv.

Mini Dvora, a member of the Super Dvora fast boat family, is the result of RAMTA Division's extensive experience and maritime legacy. Located in Beer Sheva, RAMTA has, for over four decades, developed and manufactured most of Israel's Navy security boats as well as for other customers around the world.

The new light fast patrol boat offers an exclusive combination of high speed, exceptional maneuverability under extreme harsh weather conditions and high seas, excellent range and endurance, state-of-the-art human-engineering and low operational costs over time. The boat's unique structure allows it to perform missions in shallow waters near the coast as well as in deep waters.

The boat's modular construction allows installation of combat and other systems according to the customer's requirements as well as allowing a constant upgrade to the latest developments in the boat's electronics, radars and weapons. In addition, the customer can choose between Articulating Surface Drive (ASD) or Water Jet (WJ).

In the picture:
The Mini Dvora mock-up

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