Cargo Conversions

The conversion kit suppliers and the conversion sites are carefully selected and the leading work forces are going through a long process, including on-the-job training in the Bedek facility. To meet the cargo market demand for the 767-200, Shenyang Aviation Company (SAC) was chosen as the kit supplier and Varig Engineering & Maintenance (VEM) was selected as an additional conversion site under IAI/Bedek supervision.

A benefit of being an experienced MRO provider, allows incorporating heavy maintenance while converting the aircraft, adding significant value to the customer, by minimizing costs and downtime.

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IAI/Bedek conversions are well known in the market for their excellent design and work the 737-300BDSF is the ideal successor of the about-to-be-retired 727-100 and 737-200. The 737-300BDSF / BDQC is equipped with fuel-efficient engines and cumulative margin EPNdB over Stage III, and a crew of two, thus reducing trip costs.

 Since 1991 Bedek' Aircraft Division has specialized in B747 Modifications, Upgrading and Conversions. Indeed, Bedek is one of the few centers which has developed FAA-approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) to meet the increased demand for freighter aircraft.

With operators: increased requirements for replacement of the aging DC-8, and the high cost operation of the A300B4, the right answer is the B767-200BDSF (Bedek Special Freighter).The B767-200BDSF is aimed at meeting different roles and to offer solutions for a small package carrier as well as for general heavy freight. Bedek is the only STC holder for 767-200 conversion from pax-to-freighter with Main Deck Cargo Door.