6.12.2006: Elta Systems' Advanced Coastal Surveillance System Orders Exceed $100 Million in 2005
First B747-400 Conversion

Elta Systems, a Group and Subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) was awarded last year with a number of international contracts for supply of Advanced Coastal Surveillance Systems and Vessel Traffic Monitoring Systems (VTMS) for a total exceeding $100 million. One of these orders may reach $150 million, including all options.

Elta coastal systems offer unique capabilities of detecting small surface targets at long ranges, even under adverse sea conditions and providing vessel traffic monitoring to enhance safety at sea. Elta Systems is developing and manufacturing advanced coastal surveillance systems as part of its Homeland Security systems.

Using Elta's long range, high resolution Advanced Coastal Surveillance Radar (ACSR) EL/M-2226LR, and a long range, stabilized, day and night electro-optics as its basic sensors, together with Automatic Identification System Direction Finder (AIS DF) and other coastal sensors, the system is able to detect small targets such as rubber boats from ranges exceeding 30 km, providing an excellent solution against the growing threat of illegal activities such as: contraband and drugs smuggling, illegal immigration and terrorists activities.

Israel Aircraft Industries is a recognized leader in the aerospace and defense industry and Israelís largest industrial exporter. IAI's Elta Systems Group is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and a leader in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Home-Land Security (HLS), Self-Protection and Self-Defense and Fire Control applications.
Elta's annual sales reach approximately $700 million with 3000 employees.

For further information, please contact:

Doron Suslik
Deputy Corporate Vice President for Communications
Tel: 972 (3) 935-8509
Fax: 972 (3) 935-8512

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