Barak-1 Ship Point Defense System

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Barak-1 is a mature naval point defense system, designed from the start for cutting edge performance against the full spectrum of naval threats.

Barak-1 missiles are vertically launched, and use CLOS guidance, in which a ship-borne radar monitors the intercept and continuously guides the missiles to the target. The system design provides exceptional performance in critical areas:

  • Short response time (360 deg. coverage by vertical launch)
  • Short minimum range (hundreds of meters), and 10 km max range against air targets.
  • Anti-sea skimmer capability
  • High kill probability (22 kg optimized warhead)
  • Advanced weapon control system counters complex and challenging operational scenarios
  • Small footprint on deck
  • Simple reliable missile
  • Includes gunnery control for the ship’s guns
  • Includes a powerful built-in command and control system to enable stand-alone operation when necessary.
  • Well proven system, operational in several Navies.



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