Naval Barak-8

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Naval Barak-8 is an advanced, long-range missile defense and air defense system.

Main Features:

  • Long Range
  • Active Radar Seeker Missile
  • Vertical Launch
  • Multiple Simultaneous Engagements

Barak-8 meets and exceeds performance of other similar defense systems, while maintaining unique advantages:

  • A flexible dual pulse motor system provides high maneuver capability at target interception range throughout Barak-8's wide envelope.
  • Low weight and small size (about half of similar systems!) – for small impact on carrying ship.
  • Low signatures (carry, launch & flight) – for high ship survivability.
  • Safe ship carry & launch – with a small missile and proven vertical launcher concept.
  • Robust multi-missile coexistence and multi-target capability (supported by seeker, DL & WCS) – enables operation in highly saturated operational scenarios.
  • High performance warhead - robust kill mechanism




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