ELM-2022A Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

The new generation of the ELM-2022 multi-mode airborne maritime surveillance radar incorporates advanced features based on ELTA's 30 years of experience as a leader in the field of military radars, and is Improved by operational feedback from real missions.

  • True Multi-Mode Radar:
    • Maritime and Airborne target-detection and tracking
    • Ground MTI tracking over-SAR image (GMTI/SAR)
    • Maritime Classification-3 modes/All sea states
    • Weather Avoidance/Storm-and Turbulence mode
    • Spot-SAR Imaging-and Littoral support
  • Maritime Patrol and EEZ Protection
  • Choice of Ethernet or 1553B interface
  • Analogue or digital video interface
  • IFF Interrogator integration-IFF & IFF/Radar modes
  • Choice of Nose or Belly installation
  • Fully operational mature product
  • Fully digital operation
  • Qualified to Military Standards
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