ELI-3001 - AISIS - Airborne Integrated SIGINT System

ELI-3001 is a multi-platform, multi-mission Airborne Integrated Signal Intelligence System.

  • Main Objectives:
    • Perform long-range, high-endurance SIGINT missions
    • Provide vital tactical and strategic intelligence.
  • Primary tasks:
    • Search, intercept, measure, locate, analyze, classify and monitor communication and Radar transmissions
    • Create real time Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) picture
    • Real-time report and alert to field commanders and intelligence organizations.
  • System Structure:
    • Airborne segment, comprised of ELINT and COMINT sensors and airborne operator posts
    • Ground segment, comprised of a Ground Communication Center, ELINT and COMINT Operators Centers
    • Air-to-ground Line-Of-Sight (LOS) Data Link, Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Data Link, as well as standard HF/VHF/UHF radio sets.
  • Main advantages:
    • Based on decades of experience in the field of airborne SIGINT systems
    • Low risk
    • Short time to delivery
    • Flexibility and adaptation to customer's needs and platform type.
    • Designed for integration into Network Centric environments and expeditionary missions
    • Force multiplier for Asymmetric Warfare.
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