ELI-3001 is a multi-platform, multi-mission Airborne Integrated Signal Intelligence System.

The ELI-3120 Aircraft is designed to cope with the challenges of present and future operational theatres. Utilizing an airborne multi-sensor system installed onboard, this Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Aircraft provides tactical and strategic intelligence to a variety of users.

MARS2 is a Multi-Role Airborne System designed to provide Complete Situational Awareness and Ground Superiority of the theater under surveillance.

ELTA's tailored operational solutions for border protection, operating at any weather, day or night.

The ELI-3302 is a modular, mobile, day & night Intelligence,Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicle (ISRV) capable to
operate in rough terrain, performing ISR missions in all weather conditions.
This ISRV operates 24/7 a variety of sensors locally and/or remotely controlled.
The sensor suite detects, classifies, identifies and tracks targets of interest, creates a real-time situation awareness
picture of the area of interest and sends reports to friendly forces.

The ELI-3310 is an innovative, 24/365 all weather solution for coastial protection, incorporating advanced technologies, reflecting multi-year experience in the development of Border and Coastal Surveillance systems. The System includes, fixed and/or mobile Coastal Stations, operated locally or remotely, and a Computerized Command and Control Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center (C4ISR).

The ELI-3315 is an innovative, 24/365, all-weather solution for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), incorporating new technologies, operational feedback and decades of experience in the development and deployment of maritime surveillance systems worlwide.

ELTA Systems' ELI-3320 Integrated Protection System designed to provide all weather comprehensive perimeter protection to a variety of sites, partially or completely surrounded by the sea, from threats emanating from the sea or from the ground surface.

The Multi-Payload Aerostat System (MPAS), provides a cost-effective solution for continuous surveillance and monitoring of long border-lines, coastlines or the peripheral surroundings of high value sites.

The MSISS system is an advanced decision-support tool for commanders in the field, which provides them with a real-time situation awareness picture.

The MPA is a multi-role airborne system designed to operate in maritime theater.

The EL/I-3370 (MAPSS) is a compact, light-weight, man-portable ground Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system, designed for fast deployment and support of tactical combat forces and law enforcement units.

The ELTA Combo Pole™ is a family of all-weather ground surveillance systems. Each one employs two integrated surveillance sensors: a Movement Detection Radar,and an Electro-Optical Day/Night subsystem.
The subsystems, connected by IP LAN, are tightly coupled using the Combo Pole™ software package.

 If there is a need to increase the number of landings and take-offs of your airport, around the clock in all weather conditions, and still keep high safety standards, turn to ELTA’s Integrated ATM Solutions.

In the evolving maritime theater, targets of interest are immersed in large numbers of military and commercial air, surface and sub-surface platforms in broad operational areas. Networking and sharing ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance) information among friendly naval task forces, achieves theater dominance and decision superiority.

State of the art, all weather Unattended Ground Sensor Network (UGSN) for continuous tactical area monitoring missions

Unattended Pipeline Protection (UPP) system, is a state of the art network of seismic and acoustic unattended ground sensors (UGS) for continuous pipeline monitoring and surveillance.  The system is designed to detect every incident along the monitored gas or oil pipeline 24/7 in all weather conditions.

ELI-6063 is an advanced tactical, mobile, modular, ground-based integrated EW system for Communication as well as Non-Communication SIGINT and EW.
The system detects, monitors, analyzes, locates, records and jams enemy communications and radars.