ELM-2140NG - AGSR - Advanced Ground Surveillance Radar

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Main Capabilities:

  • This radar automatically detects moving targets such as walking persons, vehicles and flying objects (low flying aircraft, hovering helicopters and gliders) at ranges up to 60km.
  • The radar is also capable of supporting artillery fire correction by detection of the impact location of shells.
  • Incorporation ELTA's vast experience in surveillance radar and utilizing modern radar technologies, the EL/M-2140 is easily deployed, user friendly, reliable and cost effective.
  • The radar operates 24 hours a day, even under poor weather and low visibility conditions.


Main Advantages:

  • Uninterrupted operation under all weather conditions. Special rain mode.
  • Automatic detection and tracking.
  • Easily carried and deployed.
  • Very modern and enhanced Man Machine Interface, based on Windows.
  • Friendly used, embedded simulator, easily trained.
  • Stand-Alone or integrated into larger system.
  • PC- based display and control unit.
  • Definition of areas of interest as alarm zones.
  • Target rejection inside areas defined as non-interest areas.
  • Implementation of 2D and 3D background digital maps.


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