ELK-7000MT is a modular family of Communications Jamming systems with wide frequency coverage for military, paramilitary and civilian communication.

The ELK-7029 is a compact, cost-effective interferometer-based accurate Direction Finder

ELK-7036 is a family of high performance COMINT/DF systems that intercept, analyze, identify, locate, and monitor V/UHF radio communication networks in the 20-3000 MHz frequency range. The systems are designed to operate in dense and complex communication environments, and to build a real-time tactical and strategic Communication Intelligence EOB picture.

ELK-7038 is a family of high performance multi-channel HF COMINT/DF systems designed to intercept, analyze, identify, locate, and monitor HF ground and sky waves radio communication in the 0.5-30 MHz frequency range. The systems operate in a dense communications environment, and build a real-time Communication Intelligence EOB picture for all operating levels.

ELK-7060 is a family of advanced, integrated, multi-sensor COMINT systems for HF, V/UHF, and microwave (MW)

The ELK – 7065 is a state-of–the-art HF COMINT system suitable for the harsh electromagnetic environment characterizing the HF band.

ELK-7065 is a conformal, high performance naval HF COMINT/DF system especially designed to replace the low performance HF COMINT/DF system at the top of the vessel’s mast. The System intercepts, analyzes, identifies, locates and monitors signals in the 2 - 30 MHz frequency band.
The system’s core is an innovative, concealed and highly accurate Direction Finder.

ELK-7066 GSM COMINT system is a passive communication intelligence system with enhanced RF and processing capabilities. The system can be installed on aerostats and helicopters.

The EL/K-7071 is a UAV Integrated Communication Intelligence (COMINT) System. The system is designed to cope with the challenges of modern dense communications network environments and to perform long-range, high endurance COMINT missions.

The ELK – 7071N is a modular, compact, long range naval COMINT/DF system. This sensor supports littoral and blue water operations as part of the ship’s integral EW suit.
It provides the Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) as derived from the communications activities in the arena and may be used to gather intelligence in dedicated missions.

ELK-7073 is a Communication Intelligence (COMINT) system for interception of tactical and strategic, microwave (MW),military and paramilitary data-links, and multi-channel radiotelephone communications,in the 0.5-18 GHz frequency range (18-40 GHz optional).

The ELK-7077 is a modular, high capacity passive GSM 900/1800 interception system with enhanced RF and processing capabilities.  The system performs off-the-air interception and monitoring of voice and SMS GSM traffic in a passive mode, without interfering with the cellular network's operations or the mobile device.

ELK-7099CL system is a  state of the art strategic COMINT system for intercepting and monitoring GMR-1 PCS (Personal Communication System) satellite global mobile phone traffic.