In-House Engine Testing Capability

  • Our testing complex comprises 7 test cells which cater for different propulsion technology : turbo-fan, turbo-jet,  propeller and turbo-shaft
  • The test cells have a wide range of capability, dealing with engine thrusts from 3,000 to 70,000 lbs thrust
  • The test cell instrumentation and data acquisition systems in our high thrust engine cells are state-of-the-art digital touch-pad systems which have only recently been installed
  • Modification and upgrading is on-going for the other cells.
  • The test cell personnel are very qualified technicians, each with many years of experience
  • The test cells have all been correlated and approved by the relevant OEM e.g.  CFMI,  GE,  PWA,  PWC and RR
    This enables testing of the following engines:  PW4000-94”, CFM56-2 / 3 / 7B, JT9D-7J / 7Q, / 7R4G2 / 7R4E, JT8D classics and -200, JT3D, PW535, PT6A / T, T53, T56, J52, J1E
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