Communication Satellites

IAI designs, manufactures and operates the AMOS communications satellites series. AMOS 2 and 3  communication satellites are co-located in a geostationary orbit, 4W.

The AMOS communication satellites provide fixed and mobile communication services to TV broadcasters, and programmers, DBS operators, government organizations, VSAT networks and others.

AMOS 4 is the newest communications satellite under development by MBT Space division, ordered by SpaceCom.

AMOS-3 communications satellite incorporates a very advanced payload, comprising of Ku and Ka bands with complex connectivity, as well as moveable steering beams over Central Europe, the Middle East and the East Coast of the USA

AMOS 2 communications satellite is a FSS, DBS, communication satellite, co-located with AMOS-3 in GEO orbit at 4W. It provides similar services as AMOS-3 and also a direct Internet link with the East Cost of the United States.

AMOS-1 communications satellite was successfully launched on May 1996, and has been working perfectly since then. In 2008 it was replaced by AMOS-3, and it is currently located in a parking slot at 1.5W