IAI at ASIAN AEROSPACE 2006 - February 21, 2006

Feb 15, 2006

Chairman of IAI's Board of Directors, Yair Shamir

IAI's CEO, Itzhak Nissan
Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) exhibit at Asian Aerospace 2006 will feature:
  •   Demonstration Flights of the Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 
  •  I-View Tactical UAVs 
  •  Bird Eye mini-UAVs
  • TWISTER Multi-Mission Joint Operations Control Center 
  • Concept of Operations Research and Analysis Laboratory (CORAL)
  •  Guardium Unmanned Security Vehicle
  • JavelinTM MK-20 and MK-30 Advanced Jet Trainers
  • Satellite Communication, Radar and Intelligence Systems

 Malat Division

Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

IAI will conduct flight demonstrations of its Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).The Heron will carry the EL/M-2022 maritime patrol radar, a comprehensive electronic warfare (EW) suite and a long-range, over-the-horizon satellite communication system manufactured by IAI?s Elta Systems Group. It will also carry the Multi-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload (MOSP) manufactured by IAI's Tamam Division.

Heron is a strategic Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV system, with a 16.6 meter (55ft) wingspan, take-off weight of 1,250 kg (2,750lbs) and a 40 hour endurance at altitudes of up to 30,000 ft. The UAV can be fitted with various sensors, including: maritime patrol radar (MPR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), electronic intelligence (ELINT), communications intelligence (COMINT), etc. Heron has an automatic takeoff and landing system, and is designed to fly in all weather conditions.

IAI was recently awarded a contract to supply the Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system to the Israel Air Force (IAF).  The order is valued in excess of $50 million. 

I-View Tactical UAV

I-View is an ideal tactical solution for close-range missions that do not have an available runway. The I-View provides day and night intelligence and uses automatic catapult-assisted-launch for take off.  I-View uses an automatic precision parafoil recovery system for landing.

IAI and Boeing Australia were recently selected to provide tactical UAVs to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in a contract worth approximately $100 million. 

Bird Eye UAV

The Bird Eye is an affordable mini-UAV system, providing real-time imagery for military and para-military applications. The system provides over-the-hill reconnaissance with an operational range of 6 miles (10 km). 

 IAI's Malat Division is one of the worlds leading UAV systems designers and manufacturers. Its UAVs operate in fifteen countries and have accumulated more than 270,000 operational flight hours.

Lahav Division

JavelinTM MK-20 and MK-30 Advanced Jet Trainers

The JavelinTM AJT is an innovative twin-engine concept optimally suited for a variety of advanced military training and support requirements. It is based on Aviation Technology Group's (ATG's) two-seat commercial jet, the JavelinTM that has already performed three successful flight tests.

The JavelinTM is a specially designed net centric-enabled trainer aircraft, utilizing virtual training technologies similar to 4th and 5th generation avionics systems.

The JavelinTM AJT will perform in the class of 0.90 Mach/500 knots. JavelinTM is a cost-effective solution based on a light small dimension platform (7000 lbs/3200 kg). Maneuverability matches the requirements of advanced and pre-operational ("lead-in") pilot training. In the JavelinTM AJT the cockpit and avionics will be compatible with the display and operation of systems in fourth and fifth generation fighters including the F-15, F-16, Mig-29, Sukhoi-30, Rafale and Eurofighter. Systems will include embedded simulations of combat scenarios, sensors data, simulated operation of weapons and self-defense systems, and mission planning and debriefing capabilities.

Guardium Unmanned Security Vehicle (USV)

Guardium is an autonomous fence and border protection system that patrols a perimeter area and addresses the critical period between the initial warning of perimeter intrusion and the time its takes for a response unit to arrive.

Operating in the perimeter fence area, Guardium is equipped with sensors to navigate varied terrain, cameras that relay field data, voice communication capabilities, and other operational means. 

  • Guardium provides cost-effective solutions for protection of border areas including:
  • Airports and sea ports
  • Borders and separation lines
  •  Strategic installations, including nuclear plants, fuel, gas or ammunition depots
  • Transportation infrastructure, including pipelines, electrical high-tension lines, railways
  •  Large industrial complexes and private properties.

IAI's Lahav Division specializes in upgrading a wide range of Eastern and Western military aircraft and helicopters. These upgrades provide unique solutions for enhanced capabilities and mission performance.  Lahav has performed major aircraft upgrade programs for the United States Air Force, NATO air forces and other customers around the world.

MagNet Center

TWISTER  Multi-Mission Joint Operations Control Center

TWISTER is a scalable control center designed for use by tactical and higher command levels. The system provides an outstanding solution to the limitations of command centers, both with respect to operational complexity and information flow rate.

TWISTER gives commanders full control of joint operations missions that require the utilization of multiple sensors from different platforms. The sensors can be commanded from a variety of manned and unmanned platforms including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned security vehicles (USVs). TWISTER provides more means of engagement ("effectors"), such as attack helicopters or land troops, and more means of coordination, assignment and control of these elements. Twister is designed to support the battlefield decision makers and mission participants and results in swift and effective Joint Forces Network-Centric Collaborative Targeting.

CORAL - Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Research and Analysis Laboratory

Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Research and Analysis Laboratory (CORAL) is a comprehensive tool suite designed for development, experimentation, and evaluation of military and paramilitary operational concepts and system requirements in net-centric warfare (NCW) environments. CORAL is a computer-based system allowing the user to develop concepts from a very generic stage through to a detailed system with an operational understanding and the associated tactics and policies.

IAI's CORAL allows the user to define specific entities including ?blue? and ?red? forces, platforms, sensors and effectors, systems and missions. The user can generate a variety of mission arenas and compose scenarios that involve multiple forces, and diverse participants and systems. CORAL?s output is a clear operational understanding of the military structure needed for force deployment from the level of specific systems up to the development of operational doctrines.

Israel Aircraft Industries' MagNet Center is a newly established specialized group that provides comprehensive enterprise, system of systems solutions in the network centric warfare (NCW) field


Elta Systems Group

Satellite Communication, Radar and Intelligence Systems

  • EL/K-1891 satellite communication network mobile station.
  • EL/M-2052 active phased array airborne control radar configured to provide air-to-air superiority and advanced strike capabilities.
  • EL/L-8388 3-D ground electronic support measure and electronic intelligence (ESM/ELINT) system for gathering intelligence on radar signals, radar modes of operation and their locations.
  • EL/M-2055 Synthetic Aperture Radar and Ground Moving Target Indication (SAR/GMTI) all-weather reconnaissance system for unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • EL/M-20600: Radar Targeting Pod (RTP) integrating High Performance SAR imaging, GMTI and precision target tracking.
  • EL/M-2022 maritime surveillance radar
  • EL/K-7071 Integrated Communications Intelligence Directional Finder (COMINT/DF) system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
  • EL/L-8385 Integrated UAV ESM/ELINT system (IUELIS).
  • EL/I-3001 - a Multi-platform, multi-role Airborne Integrated Signal Intelligence System (AISIS).
  • EL/S-8994RT Real-Time Intelligence Center (RICENT). A modular comprehensive solution for integrated intelligence gathering and Image Intelligence (IMINT) dissemination.
  • EL/L-8273/4 IRST- Infra Red Search and Track System - a long range, multi-role, passive multi-spectral Infra Red (IR) Search & Track (ST) system for airborne and naval applications.
  • EL/I-3150 Multi-Mission Airborne Reconnaissance & Surveillance System (MARS) - a Multi-Role Airborne System designed to operate as a fast-deployment, all-in-one task force. It enables Complete Situational Awareness and Ground Superiority of the theater under surveillance.

IAI's Elta Systems Group is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and a leader in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Home-Land Security (HLS), Self-Protection and Self-Defense and Fire Control applications.


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